Adjunct Professor Daniel Chan

Adjunct Professor Daniel Chan

Hong Kong Baptist University

Prof. Daniel Chan is a veteran IT professional with 20+ years of experience. Currently, he is Head of Strategic Planning of the Office of Information Technology, Hong Kong Baptist University. His provides leadership in formulating the strategies and roadmaps for the development of information architecture and systems to cope with the vision and mission of the University. He also champions the adoption of innovative technology in support of university vision, driving process improvement to cater for changing business needs and students/staff experiences. Previously, he founded a couple of AI companies in the domain of data annotation, model building, and pose detection with the ownership of a couple of US patents. He also holds stock-option-bearing advisory role in another AI company serving yet another domain. One of his recent text analytics projects involved extracting information from 60M text documents which called for the use of latest technologies available in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Besides developing programmatic AI solutions, Prof. Chan is proficient in the use of industrial grade AI tools that can expedite the development of machine learning models. Previously, Prof. Chan held CTO, ED, INED, GM and Director positions in MNC’s. His track record includes leading a company to IPO and listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Prof. Chan received his Ph.D. in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow (UK) and subsequently earned a Royal Society Fellowship (UK) and a Marie Curie Fellowship (EU). He held academic and research positions in the University of Glasgow (UK), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), University of Twente (Netherlands), INRIA (France), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK) and University of Liège (Belgium) with lecturing responsibility at bachelor, master, and doctoral levels.

Founder, DataFarm Limited

Founder, DRESIO Limited

Advisor, Neufast Limited