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The rise of Central Bank Digital Currency?

Great to have Prof. Emil Chan with the Fintech class this week! Emil shared with the class changes in the form of payment and the rise of central bank digital currency. What are the opportunities and challenges presented by implementing digital currencies? Are we ready for the change?


Fintech or TechFin?

Welcome Charleston to be the first industry speaker for the Fintech class.Charleston shared with the class on the topic of “Fin-Tech or Tech-Fin”. How will traditional financial firms compete with Tech-Fin innovations? How could Fin-Tech leverage the competence of traditional financial firms? How to move from digitization to digital transformations? Lots of stories of technology innovation and how COVID-19 is changing the innovation landscape have been discussed too! Great thanks to Charleston for the time and insight sharing.

Charleston is currently Executive Director of MIT HK Innovation Node. Prior to joining the MIT Node, Sin held executive positions in Research & Development, Product Management, System Engineering, and Sales & Marketing at VMware, Cisco Systems, and Nortel Networks.

Thanks to Dr Dorothy Chau for making this happen.

IFTA Achievement Awards 2019 Campus Sharing

Thanks to IFTA for organizing the Fintech Achievement Awards 2019 Campus Sharing for HKBU students and alumnus. More than 100 students/alumnus joined the event and benefited from the sharings of Mr Kenneth Lau (Head of FinTech Consulting of Forms), Mr Joe Ng (CTO of Centaline Data Technology) and Adj Professor Jason Lau (CIO of Thank you all.

MSc in Finance (Fintech and Financial Analytics) recognized with Honorary Award – Fintech Education Contribution

Our MSc in Finance (Fintech and Financial Analytics) programme was recently recognised with the Honorary Award – Fintech Education Contribution at the IFTA Fintech Achievements Awards 2019. The Programme is praised for its comprehensiveness to empower students with knowledge from finance, machine learning and financial computing, to cybersecurity, cryptocurrency and regulatory compliance, which will become a strong force for today’s data-driven economy.

Professional Sharing on “How Fintech transforms Finance Industry”

Chaired by Prof. Aristotelis Stouraitis, Head of Finance and Decision Sciences Department, a sharing session on “How Fintech transforms Finance Industry?” was held during the online Orientation of MSc in Finance (FinTech & Financial Analytics) Programme on 3 September 2020. Over 60 new entry students of the Programme attended the sharing. Mr. Jason Lau (Chief Information Security of, Dr Dorothy Chau (Director of Tencent), Dr Samson Tai (CTO of IBM) and Dr Paul Sin (Partner of Deloitte) were invited to the sharing. Their insightful sharing significantly inspired the students.

Separately, thanks also to Mr. Paul Pong (Founder of iFTA Asia) for introducing the CFT Programme to our students.

“SlowMist Cybersecurity Award” to MSc in Finance (Fintech and Financial Analytics) student

SlowMist Technology is a company focused on blockchain ecological security and also a top international blockchain security company, serving many well-known projects, and was in the first batch of domestic units that was listed in the "2018 China Blockchain Industry White Paper" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

MSc in Finance (FTFA) is honoured to have SlowMist sponsoring a cash prize of USD 2,000 towards the “SlowMist Cybersecurity Award” for the Best Individual Assignment for, “FIN7900 Cybersecurity, Privacy and RegTech”.

“It's a great privilege to have SlowMist involved with the HKBU Master in Finance program and to share their industry perspective and experience with my class on Blockchain Security, and new industry challenges and trends like Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The cash prize will be an exciting way for our students to demonstrate their theory and practical knowledge.” - Adjunct Professor Jason Lau.

Business Continuity Management


Thanks to Brad Lin, Director Risk Advisory at Deloitte Hong Kong for covering the very relevant hot topic of Business Continuity Management BCM to students in the Cybersecurity class. What made this even more special was that it was focused on Virtual Banking; one of the hottest areas in FinTech right now. Students got to learn about traditional BCM but how this needs to evolve to cater for the new and emerging companies in the Virtual Banking and Digital Payment business. Crisis management is a core part of a business strategy, and needs to involve key stakeholders in a timely fashion; failure to do so can result in significant impact to the company and brand as a whole. Thanks for reminding us all that BCM is not an "IT Issue", but indeed a business-wide responsibility.

Industry trends in Security and Cryptography

Thanks to Welland Chu, Business Development Director at THALES, and Vice President at ISACA Hong Kong Chapter for sharing his experience and industry trends in Security and Cryptography with relevance to the world of FinTech. THALES is a leader in providing data security solutions and services, and playing an important role in building trust in the digital world. Our students were given a dive into software and hardware based security systems and the benefits, risks and challenges of both. This is a core priority for almost all FinTech companies.

Thanks Welland for keeping the conversation broad to include other topics like Cloud Security, Regulations, Digital Transformation, Blockchain security and more. It's important that more awareness is done to emphasize that it is not just about having the best tech, but it's about People, Process and Technology and the importance of leveraging third-party experts to help organisations navigate today's FinTech challenges